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Ducktails Woo-oo! Review
Ducktails is one of those shows from our childhood that holds up better than others, and given how good a track record Disney's cartoons have had in recent years I was very hyped for this show's reboot. Did it's premier live up to my expectations? Would rhetorically ask that question if I hated the show I was reviewing? Maybe, but not today, this reboot is awesome and you go watch it before I give Flintheart Glomgold all your money!
As the early clips promised, this show is hilarious. I loved gag with what Webby thought was Scrooge's secret museum being his garage. Scrooge has so many treasures from his past adventures that he stores them with his car.
I had grown up with Alan Young as Scrooge McDuck, and even with his passing it was hard for me to picture anybody else voicing the character. But hearing that David Tenant was going to voicing Scrooge, how I could I say no to that? How could any of you say no to that?! HOW?! The clips I saw of him, and his appearance on the Late Show to
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Dunkirk Review
Christopher Nolan gave everyone a surprise with his depiction of the evacuation of Dunkirk. He stated that he wanted to create a story about the event itself, not about characters, and he was only going to focus on it without anything that could considered political. The result is a film that is the opposite of his typical work.
When you think a Nolan film, you are likely to think characters going into lengthily speeches. But our characters in this film go entire scenes without saying a word. Instead Nolan relies on the events and character's nonverbal reactions to tell a story. This is especially impressive with Tom Hardy's character since we can barely see his face for most of the movie. The other is as stated above, there is no message to the film. Nolan doesn't try to spin any kind of political message from this movie. There is no commentary on World War II or its politics, just a focus on the events of the Dunkirk evacuation and depict what was going through minds of people from v
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Castlevania Season 1 Review
Adaptations of video games have a terrible reputation. So much so that it's easy to forget that some good ones have been made, the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog, Pokemon's various adaptations (I feel it's stretch to call any of them terrible, even the anime that has gone doing the same thing too long). But for everyone of those you've got garbage like Captain N, the Resident Evil movies, and the Silent Hill movies. Netflix's adaptation of Castlevania certainly looked promising, the quality of the animation showed that unlike the latter cases, it looked like this series was being handled by people who actually care about what they are doing.
Now that said this adaptation takes a very shall we say, artistic approach, making it a piece of adult animation. Not what I expected given that Castlevania is something that has long been targeted at general audiences, but if works, why complain.
And it does work. This brutal violence in this series is doing something I feel Castlevania has strayed awa
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Rin's idea of a normal memo
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Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2nd Gig Review
Continuing my look my look at the Ghost in the Shell franchise I have finished the second season of Stand Alone Complex. I actually finished a while before I made this review, but I got the DVDs and wanted to watch all the interviews with the show's director Kenji Kamiyama since they gave some interesting insight into their intent, for better and for worse.
In terms of overall story this season was much better structured than the first. That is not insult to the first season, it was good, but this one was better. Season 1 took some time for its main story to get going and had a number of episodes that while interesting, didn't add to the main story. In 2nd GIG, almost every episode adds
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Spider-Man Homecoming Review
We finally got to see Spider-Man in the MCU and he does not disappoint.
To anybody who doesn't care for the Marvel formula, this film does a nice departure from it. As we saw in Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker is already Spider-Man and the focus is on what he's doing now, not how he became Spider-Man.
Of course Spider-Man's appeal has often been rooted in how human and relatable a character he is with his difficulty of balancing his normal and superhero lives, and this film is no exception. For a while it looks like he'll give up until he finds out who the Vulture is and well, as Spider-Man stated in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, he can't look away.
Spider-Man might have some experience prior to this movie, but he's still a teenager prone to making mistakes. On comedy level, this is hilarious when we see him chasing a van and breaks things in peoples' yards along the way. For drama, it gave us some good moments of just how inexperienced and sometimes careless he c
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Sith don't dance
So be considerate and never ask them to.
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Wonder Woman Review
Warner Brothers has been trying to respond to the criticism that started since Man of Steel. As they say, third is the charm, since this time they actually pulled it off without repeating the same mistakes or making new ones, giving us the film that Man of Steel should have been.
Diana brings something new in a super hero protagonist. Rather than going the predictable route of her dealing with a bunch of sexist strawmen. Her being a woman comes up a occasionally after she's left home but it's far from her most important trait. Diana's main obstacle is that she's a naive fish out of water trying to do good in world she doesn't understand. Sometimes with her complaints she is in the right, and sometimes she's wrong. Her belief that World War I was all caused by Ares makes a good character arc as she goes about seeing the worst humanity is capable of, and predictably learns there was no single bad guy behind everything. Just as important, she learns she can help people, but she cannot sav
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End of Samurai Jack Season 5
So I had my doubts when I heard this show was coming back. Usually a show going off the air for years and then being brought back is sign things are going down hill. My fears were quelled when I saw some hilarious clips of a Aku, and once I started the new season I was quickly hooked.
The action and visuals this season were as good as ever. Genndy Tartakovsky said he were going to make show darker but still something general audiences could enjoy. Even with darker plot points like the Daughters of Aku and showing of how much of a monster Aku was, the show was still as hilarious as ever.
The highlights for me was the arc with Daughters of Aku and Aishi's character arc. That cult was legitimately scary and nicely tied in with the feel of Jack's initial depression after fifty years of fighting. Aishi's entire arc, despite her being raised to hate Jack, felt believable as she learned the truth about him and Aku.
The romance, could have been done better, but it wasn't terrible. And some peo
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Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 Review
(This is written assuming you've seen the movie, if not, go away because spoilers and a lot of it won't make any sense)
Marvel's sequel to their hit action/comedy based on the a team largely unknown to non-comic fans. Its sequel delivers more of the same comedy, action and dynamic among the cast that everyone loved in the original. Is it as the original? Well I can say at the very least it isn't a bad sequel that just does more of the same thing with none of the original's heart.
On the comedy level this movie made me laugh just as hard as the original. Not anybody was doubting Marvel's ability to deliver on comedy, and if you are, where the hell have you been? My favorite dynamic was with Drax and Mantis. Drax is still good for a laugh with his social awkwardness and it's genius to put him with somebody who knows even less about social interaction than he does, and yet Mantis is so unaware of that that she goes to him for advice.
Story wise I feel the writers have stepped up their gam
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Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Review
Sailor Crystal finished it's third season and I am posting a review long after it ended. But hey it's the the thought that counts, right?
For starters I welcome the improved animation. I wasn't as bothered by most people by the first two season but I am glad to see the CGI transformations replaced with more traditional images. Now the transformations are much more of a sight to see, which is good since Sailor Moon turning into Super Sailor Moon was awe inspiring moment in the manga and I'm glad to it is here as well.
The visuals as worked wonders for the Death Busters. I watched the original anime first and when I read the manga I was disappointed to see how the otherworldly monsters got turned into these doll like designs. The manga's art made the Daimons like heaps of flesh so I felt a bit disappointed to see the designs go with this purple "made of darkness" look that Toei used with Pretty Cure. But they still like the nightmarish otherworldly monsters they were in the original mang
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Match Ideas: The Scotsman
Samurai Jack is home to a lot of interesting and colorful characters, but few match the popularity of the Scotsman. As always, spoilers especially for the recent season.
We first see the Scotsman appear when Jack is crossing a giant rope bridge when he hears some bagpipes, and can't stand as the Scotsman comes into view. Jack asks if he's anywhere close to the end of the bridge but the Scotsman says he's nowhere close. The bridge is to narrow for either of them to walk around the other, Jack holds the idiot ball and doesn't suggest just jumping over the Scotsman, but the Scotsman isn't being reasonable anyways and insists they fight. Jack tries to talk his way out but the Scotsman insults prove too much even for him to put up and starts to hit back.
So they fight. And fight, and fight. Fight fight fight fight fight fight, for three days without stopping until neither of them of has the strength to keep fighting. The Scotsman of course denies it and insists not finishing is givin
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RWBY Volume 2 Review
Volume 1 served as a nice introduction, now I will talk about the ways Volume 2 followed up, good and bad. Like before, spoilers. If you haven't read my review of the last season, look here.
Before talking about the story I must say that the production values look significantly better. Designs have polish and details, background characters in the last season were just drawn as a shadows, but now they are drawn as actual people. On top of this the episodes are longer despite looking better. Volume 1 was loaded with episodes that felt like one split into two, that is no longer the case. I don't know if this is the result of the staff getting better or a higher budget, but it's a welcome change to see this show's presentation go up each season.
This and Volume 1 feel like the introductions to the world and our characters. I had wondered why Yang and Ruby were sisters but had different last names. Well we
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Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Review
Star Wars Rebels recently finished its third season. This season promised us a darker story, more development with the Force, and the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, quite possibly the most popular character created for the Legends Expanded Universe.
The last season ended on a relative low note. Ahsoka appears dead, Darth Maul is on the loose again, and Ezra had a Sith holocron that was likely leading him further to the dark side.
The season opens up six months after the last season. Despite the blow taken by the loss of Ahsoka, the rebels continue to operate. Tarkin is having enough of this and demands that the Lothal system's governor Pryce solve it. Her idea is to call a specific fleet for help, which is led by Grand Admiral Thrawn.
Meanwhile, the Sith holocron has been helping Ezra on missions, but Kanan is disturbed by it. Ezra has been using the dark side thanks to that item, causing more friction between the two. Unfortunately Kanan is blind from his fight with Maul last
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Match Ideas: LeChuck
Monkey Island. A classic adventure game series known for hilarious comedy and general silliness. The best parts of it are found with its main villain LeChuck.
This guy's backstory is, kinda of a mess. The first entry in the series Secret of Monkey Island doesn't give him a backstory during the game itself, as far as I can tell it's only given in the manual.
Originally a bloodthirsty pirate who quickly fell in love the governor of the Melee Island, Elaine Marley (later games retcon her as governor of the entire "Tri-Island area" which covers at least a half dozen islands). She wanted nothing to his advances and told him to "drop dead." He tried impressing her by discovering the titular secret of Monkey Island. He died after his ship was wrecked in a storm, but returned as a ghost and wrecked havoc on the Caribbean from his base on Monkey Island, murdering entire ships and forcing the crew to serve him as ghosts on his ghost ship.
By the game proper, the pirates in the Carribbean
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Star Wars Rebels Twin Suns Review
So Star Wars Rebels finally concluded it's story arc with Maul it had running this season. How did it handle something it had been setting for most of the season?
If you haven't been watching the show, go watch it. Even if you haven't watched The Clone Wars you are probably at least aware that Darth Maul was brought back for it and served a major supporting villain. He was focused on gaining power to gain revenge on Obi-Wan. If the show had gone onto a seventh season it would have revealed his main goal was getting revenge on Palpatine. The arc with him was used for the comic Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir where it was revealed the Sith Lord dragged him away from his mother the Nightsister Talzin when he was a child. On top this he had realize his former master saw him as just a tool that had served its purpose. In the comic he and his mother both plotted to kill Palpatine, got out maneuvered and Talzin was killed. Maul got away only because Palpatine didn't see him as a thr
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23 deviations
Adaptional Intelligence: Implied with Maleficent killing most of the Disney heroes, indicating she didn't make the mistake of not killing her enemies when she had the chance in her own film.
Adaptional Villainy: Hans. While he was already a villain, in Rose backstory, on top of his abuse of her, he had her parents executed right in front of her after they tried free her from the Arranged Marriage with him.
All There In The Manual: The players have made bios for their characters, so far there has been one for Scorpuis, Rose and Brad
Animal Motifs: The Unkindness have raven-themed armor, as a symbolic tie to Maleficent.
Aristocrats Are Evil: Several Arc Villains will be aristocrats. The DM outright refers to them as aristocrats.
Arranged Marriage: Rose's father offered one with Maleficent in the War of the Black Dawn so his kingdom could avoid war with her. This led to Rose marrying Hans, a subordinate of Maleficent in this setting. Naively, she expected a Perfectly Arranged Marriage. Hans instead proved so abusive that Rose's parents invaded the Southern Isles with the intent of killing Hans to free his daughter from the union, only to executed in front of their daughter.
Artistic License History: Brad's backstory states she was one of the Paladins who served on Charlemagne, and one of the villains in the story is Prince John from Disney's Robin Hood of England. In real life, Charlemagne died over three hundred years before John was born.
Author Appeal: The DM is a huge Disney fan, hence the campaign's entire existence, in particular, Frozen.
Badass Crew: The main cast.
-Badass Adorable: Zhi is frequently noted to be cute as a button and so Moe it makes two Mooks cry, but she's the first of the party to seriously injure one of the Unkindness. No small feat, considering she did that with bare goddamn hands.
- Princess Rose herself might be a near six-foot barbarian Amazon woman who can tear out a man's throat with her own teeth, but when not possessed by the spirit of battle she acts like a Princess Classic rather than the Tomboy Princess you'd expect. It's almost jarring to see her go from Cinderella one moment to Guts the Black Swordsman the next.
- Sara has the potential to be the best fighter in the party. She's also a cute Tsundere on par with Rin Tohsaka.
- Brad has been elevated to this since artwork of her was made.
-Badass Normal: Saoirse... is just a thief. That's it. Even if she is a Master of Disguise and a decent spy that sort of pales in a team that consists of at least three magic users, a holy paladin appointed by God Himself, a Cat Girl, and a monk with Supernatural Martial Arts, Saoirse is neither the strongest nor fastest of the group. She doesn't even have a magic BFS like Scorpius. Yet, she's still the leader through sheer force of personality, and her plans wind up deposing a Serial Killer Evil Matriarch, slaying a Super Soldier and usurping the government. All that, with only a few knives, a bag of fake moustaches, a nice dress and a talent for talking entirely out of her ass.
-Badass Gay: Saragnayan, though she refuses to spit out her crush on Saoirse.
-Badass Princess: Princess Rose, though she is a Fallen Princess courtesy of Hans.
Barbarian Hero: Princess Rose, it's in her class title.
Big Bad Ensemble: Between Maleficent, Hades and Jafar, who all have their own territories and at the start of the campaign are more focused on each other than the heroes.
Big Good: Implied to be Elsa.
Bodyguarding a Badass: Scorpius was hired to protect Taran... a man who can solve practically every problem non-violently and introduced workers unions and socialism to orcs.
Break the Cutie: Rose backstory.
Bunny Ears Lawyer: Saoirse is very eccentric and has plans that involve ideas like using a Paper Thing Disguise to masquerade as the Ravena guard's sergeant while having Zhi pretend to cry. And so far her plans, crazy or otherwise, tend to work, and her demeanor helps keep the party together.
Cannot Spit It Out: Sara's feelings towards Saroise, even though Everyone Can See It.
The Caligula: Scorpius' bio states Jafar became one, to the point where the mercenary hates him even more than he hate Maleficent.
Cat Girl: Kahjit
Character Alignment: This is DnD, so each of the main cast has there's.
-Chaotic Good: Saroise and Rose
-Neutral Good: Saragnyn and Taran
-Lawful Good: Zhi and Bradamant
-True Neutral: Kahjit
-Chaotic Neutral: Scorpius
The Charmer: One of the reasons Saoirse is both team leader and a master thief? She's quite charismatic. 
-- Taran isn't a slouch in this department, either. He managed to pull this off on his enemies for crying out loud.
Combat Pragmatist: Saoirse, she interrupts Grimhilde's villain monologue with a knife to the guts.
-Scorpius rigs an entire volatile laboratory of hazardous chemicals to blow the Big Bad to kingdom come, along with his preferance for fighting form a distance with guns.
Comically Serious: Kahjit and Bradamant do not care much of Saroise' antics. Thus Hilarity Ensues.
Crapsack World: The world is dominated by a Big Bad Ensemble with an insatiable hunger for power or evil for the sake of evil.
Crazy Awesome: Taran. His intellect has led to some hilarious plans like causing an army to go on strike, and facing the Magic Mirror in an Epic Rap Battle.
-Saorise. As she puts herself, she is a "master bullshit artist."
The Cutie: Zhi is the team optimist, cheering their spirits up when things seem dark.
Dark And Troubled Past: Scorpius is all but stated to have one.
-Rose. She willingly took part in an Arranged Marriage for the sake of her kingdom, ended up in an abusive relationship with Hans, and watched her parents killed right in front of her before being left out to die in the middle of nowhere.
Defector From Decadence: Saragnayan used by one of Maleficent's Elite Mooks, but has since defected to the Resistance.
Elite Mooks: Maleficient's Unkindess, Tin Tyrants strong enough to serve as bosses who appear when the Disney villain being fought is insufficient to serve as an actual boss, which has been stated to be a lot because most Disney villains are Non-Action Big Bads.
Empowered Badass Normal: Scorpius is, compared to most of the party and antagonists, nowhere near as exceptionally powerful. Aside from his Arcane Handgun, he is in fact mostly just a skilled marksman.
Counterpart Comparison: The Unkindness are sort of the inverse of Kingdom Hearts' Organization XIII; a group of powerful original characters, somewhat inspired by anime baddie topes, but instead of opposing Maleficent they act as her minions.
Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: The DM's affirmation of her love of Disney in the prelude. She does not support the corporation itself, her love is for the artists who work for it and the movies they've created.
Everyone Hates Hades: Naturally with Hades as one of the Big Bad Ensemble.
Evil Sorcerer: Jafar, Word Of God being that he's used the second wish from the movie to become "the most powerful sorcerer in the world!"
Evil Versus Evil: Maleficent vs. Jafar vs. Hades, for dominion of the world.
Expy: Most of the party members are expies of fantasy or video game characters.
- Saoirse = Locke Lamora
- Sara = Riku, with a side order of Roxas
- Rose = Princess Peach meets Guts
- Zhi and Khajit = Yang and Blake respectively, the former has become far more like Ruby in terms of personality
- Scorpius = Archer/EMIYA
-  The Unkindness are also more or less a walking Shout Out to "elite villain organizations" such as the Nazgul, the Steel Inquisitors and, of course, the Sith.
Five Man Band
-The Leader: Saroise, the actual leader. Taran might be the smartest, but Sariose' charisma is what keeps the party going.
-The Lancer: Sara, The Leader's best friend and love interest, though she won't admit it
-The Smart Guy: Taran, the smartest of the group. Overlaps with The Lancer who since he still defers to Saroise's authority despite being the smartest. Shared with, Khadjit, the cold and most practical of the group
-The Big Guy: Zhi and Bradamant, who have mostly acted as fighters
-The Chick: Rose. Overlaps with The Big Guy since she's frequent fighter, but also helped defuse the conflict around Sara
-The Sixth Ranger: Scorpius. He's Not In This For Your Revolution and frequently leaves the group to do his own thing, but so far always comes back.
Forgot About His Powers: Sara suffers from this due to her player not being the best at using her class.
Genre Savvy: Saroise. As the DM's character, she knows exactly what kind of story she's in.
Girly Bruiser: Rose. She's fits all the archtypes for a Disney princess and an Action Girl
Great Off-Screen War: The War of the Black Dawn, which the Big Bad Ensemble already fought one are established as the main power in the known world.
Guile Hero: Taran
The Gunslinger: Scorpius.
Improbable Female Cast: Due to most players picking female characters, the cast six female characters and only two males.
Jerkass: Scorpius is HORRIBLY unpleasant to be around, what with being a chain-smoking and self-loathing alcoholic with a vicious temper. With the exception of Taran, he treats everyone else with open disdain and vicious contempt. 
-- Jerk With a Heart of God: That said, there are hints to a heart of gold somewhere in there...
Lovable Rogue: As a thief with Irish charm and a "healthily sized" ego, Saoirse proudly wears the spirit of this trope.
Knight in Sour Armor: Scorpius. Oh so very much.
La Resistance: The main cast are one.
Les Yay: Saragnayan and Saorise. The former has a romantic feelings for the latter, though she won't admit. But Everyone Can See It. Sara even saves Sarorise from a coma with the Power Of Love.
-Rose saving Sara from Kahjit and declaring her a friend leads to Sara blushing in response.
-Brad and Zhi have developed this as of The Lord of Beasts
-Rose' bio states that she easily gets nervous around Elsa, and is struggles as to whether or not its admiration or the "l-l-l- the l word."
Meaningful Name: Saoirse is Gaelic for "Free." Appropriate for a rebel, isn't it? Even her Appropriated Appellation counts as this. A "Cuckoo" is a bird who steals into the nests of other birds, and in this case Saoirse is a small bird who steals from the nests of bigger birds (i.e. The High Raven). 
- Saragnayan and Nótt are both named after world mythology deities who ruled over the dark. Overlaps with Names To Run Away From Really Fast. 
-- Meaningful Rename: "Saragnayan" is never referred to by her full name. Instead, she's called "Sara," to further distance herself from her past as an Unkindness.
Mysterious Past: Scoripus, to the point where not even his real name is known.
Nice Guy: Taran. Even Scorpius is slightly friendlier towards him compared to the rest of the party.
Non Action Big Bad: Word Of God is that most villains who the DM doesn't feel would make a good boss fight, which includes a lot of them, will be this in their story arc, with the Unkindness serving as the boss.
Odd Friendship: Taran and Scorpius. Taran is one of the Nice Guys of the group, Scorpius is an unfriendly Deadpan Snarker, yet they are loyal towards each other.
Not A Morning Person: Scorpius. His considers waking up a three in the afternoon to be early.
Orcus On His Throne: Not much has been seen or head from the Big Bad Ensemble who are implied to more concerned with ruling their territories and plotting against each other.
Plucky Girl: Zhi and Saoirse. With the latter, even with her foul mouthed nature is still the optimistic of the party. Even the grim end to Mirror Mirror doesn't put a dent in her attitude.
Religious Bruiser: Brad, she even hits a name for taking God's name in vain.
Sir Swears-a-Lot: Saoirse's mouth is quite filthy, and proudly so, as an homage to the "vulgarian virtuosity" of Scott Lynch. It's also the one thing she and Scorpius legitimately have in common. 
-- Sophisticated as Hell: Saoirse's bag. Scorpius, not so much.
Sliding Scale of Anti-Hero: The party as a whole? With the exception of Zhi and Taran, the rest of the party... 
- Type II: Sara is genuinely remorseful and her loyalty to Saoirse brings out her heroic qualities... she's just also painfully shy and closed off. 
- Type III: Saoirse cheats, lies, manipulates and will steal anything that isn't nailed down if it means giving the Resistance an advantage against the Empire. Rose is a genuinely sweet young woman... who possesses a dark and violent streak that possesses her in the thick of battle, turning this sweet princess into a terrifying murder machine, more a beast than a woman, with no distinction for friend or foe. Bradamante is Holier Than Thou crusader who looks down on the casual immorality of her comrades (Saoirse and Scorpius's profanity in particular), and is more than willing to murder unassuming waiting staff for the Greater Good... such as when she brained a guard but took the time to tell his grieving best friend to not take the Lord's name in vain.
- Type IV: Scorpius. He's a masked, long coat-wearing, tobacco-breathing, alcoholically-soaked misanthropic gunslinger in a High Fantasy world. To say he sticks out like sore thumb even compared to the others is something of an understatement. He's a 90's Anti-Hero whose traded his Liefeldian machine guns for oversized flintlocks. That said, there is a Hidden Heart of Gold hidden behind all the leather, and when the chips were down he proved to be more loyal to the party than to his paycheck, despite any claim to the contrary.
- Type V: Khajit. Her Character Alignment even reads "True Neutral." By her own admission, she's more concerned with orders and efficiency to achieve her goals than the morality of whatever they do. The only reason she's in the party as a whole is thanks to an Enemy Mine. When she learns that about Sara' past, she straight up tries to murder her, and her unwillingness to work with her prompts her to leave the party.
The Paladin: Bradamant.
Reality Ensues: Maleficent, Jafar and Hades won the Great Off-Screen War, but their mutual arrogance and hunger for power meant that naturally, such an alliance would never last long, especially with Maleficent wanting to be the supreme leader. Jafar and Hades' motivations in their own films came from loathing being under the authority of others.
- Rose in her backstory tried to avenge her parents deaths after watching them executed, and was nearly killed, only surviving thanks to a bout of Bond Villain Stupidity on Hans' part.
The Red Baron: Some of the characters have cool soubriquets.
- Maleficent is referred to as "The High Raven."
- Jafar is given the Appropriated Appellation of "The Low Serpent."
- Of the party, Saoirse is known as "The Cuckoo," and Sara used to be feared in her Unkindness days as "The Bladeweaver."
- Of the Unkindness, Nótt has two: "The Mailed Fist of the Empire" and "The Gavel."
Shout Out: Sariorse's backstory is one to the Mistborn Trilogy
-Princess Rose has the backstory of falling in love, being betrayed by the person closest to her and now seeks revenge. Essentially a less horrifying version of Guts' backstory.
Shipper On Deck: Everyone but Scorpius seems to ship Sara and Sariorse.
Spiritual Antithesis: Stated by the DM to be one of Kingdom Hearts.
Tin Tyrant: The Unkindness.
Tsundere: Sara.
Unskilled But Strong: Saragnayan is an odd variant. Word Of God is that she has the best range of abilities and if used right would be strongest character in the party, but her player tends to suffer from Forgot About His Powers and not use them effectively.
Vain Sorceresses: Maleficent, according to Mirror Mirror demands that all of her subjects and nobility revere her as the World's Most Beautiful Woman.
Weapon of Choice: Being DnD, each character has one.
-An Axe to Grind: Rose has one forge from a frying pan.
-Archer Archetype: Kahjit
-Bare Fisted Monk: Zhi, fitting as she's an actual monk.
-BFG: Scorpius' Arcane Handgun--a double-barrelled handcannon, abnormally large by handgun standards, yet he seems to wield it just fine.
--I Call It "Vera": Dubbed "Ron".
--.>Genius Bonus/Shout Out: "Ron" is actually short for "Rhongomyniad", the mythological spear of King Arthur. It perhaps may not be holy, but it is a weapon with range capable of piercing through evil with great magical power, so the title is fitting.
-BFS: Bradamant has this and a Jousting Lance.
-Drop the Hammer: Rose also uses a hammer.
-Sinister Scimitar: Sariorse, minus the sinister part
What Could Have Been: Sariorse was originally planned by the DM to be a princess in her backstory until she found that Rose's player already went with it.

Mirror Mirror
0% Approval Rating: Grimhilde. Her army didn't like how they were treated, the people didn't like her, and after she died even Maleficent didn't think her funeral was worth attending, and she normally attends all events. Besides the party due to the charade of Saoirse being Snow White, only a few guards and a priest whose job is attend did so, and the priest was half drunk.
Adaptional Badass: The seven dwarfs. While they don't do any fighting on-screen, they are capable enough to set up traps in their mine that hold off an entire army.
-The Huntsman, who in the original movie was just a Punch The Clock Villain who didn't do any fighting, is turned into a capable fighter.
-The Magic Mirror. In the original movie it was just a magic item that gave information. In Kingdom Hearts it was an early game boss, and a fairy easy one. Here it's a Wake Up Call boss that almost single handedly kills the entire party.
Adaptional Villainy: Prince Charming becomes a selfish Prince Charmless.
Adult Fear: Young girls being targeted by
Arc Villain: Grimehilde
Badass In Distress: Saoirse has the misfortune of this thanks to eating Grimhilde's poisoned apple.
Bad Boss: Grimhilde is definitely implied to be one given how Taran easily convinced her army to go on strike and nobody bothered attending her funeral.
Bavarian Fire Drill: Saoirse's plan for smuggling the party into Ravenna involved a stolen uniform, a fake moustache, "a cute Asian," and a "lot" of bullshit.
Big Creepy Crawlies: The Dwarfs' mine contained some giant centipedes.
Bittersweet Ending: They defeated Grimhilde and even killed one of the strongest weapons in the Empire but in the process they've lost one party member to in-fighting. Not to mention, yes, while they successfully extracted Snow White and the dwarfs and they're safe to journey to Arendelle under Royalist Resistance protection she's still in a coma. Yes, Saoirse and co. have taken over the local government of Ravenna, but to do so they've had to exploit Snow White's face to do it, something they're not proud of. If it wasn't for Saoirse's resolve to keep morale up, it'd almost be a solid Downer Ending.
Blatant Lies: After Saoirse is woken by a kiss from Sara, everyone tells her it was done by stealing a cure Grimehilde's alchemy lab. Saoirse doesn't seem to buy it, but plays along anyways.
-The DM totally did not plan this part of the campaign so she could have her character disguise as a Disney princess.
Blood Knight: Nótt. She's so bored with her duties that she didn't challenge the heroes till the end because she wanted a fight.
Breaking Speech: The Magic Mirror hits Rose with one about her past and claiming her desire for revenge is hopeless. It works thanks to a failed Will Save.
Changed My Mind, Kid: Scorpius returns to the party just in the nick of time.
Cold Ham: The Magic Mirror is mostly restrained in his volume, but is very elegant in its words.
Combat Breakdown: Rose vs. The Huntsman.
- Starts with melee weapons.
- Then they get wrecked or disarmed.
- Quickly devolves into hardcore fistfighting... and ends with Rose, in a berserker rage, tearing out the Huntsman's neck WITH HER TEETH.

Composite Character: The Magic Mirror being able to fight by drawing the cast into an Eldritch Dimension is based on its appearance as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep.
Conscience Makes You Go Back: Scorpius could have abandoned the party to their fate. But he didn't.
Counterpart Comparison:
Nótt is a Blood Knight who wields a giant hammer and has electrical powers. Word Of God is that the similarities to Nora Valkyrie from RWBY are unintentional.
Crazy Prepared: Saoirse expected she and the others would get thrown into prison, so she snuck a few knives, lockpicks and crowbars into her dress. She even put a note saying that she prepared for it.
Crowning Moment Of Awesome: After Nott has beaten curb stomping the heroes, Zhi manages to inflict heavy damage via Rapid Fire Fisticuffs.
-Taran countering the Magic Mirror's Breaking Speech, in rhyme.
-Saoirse in response to the people Kahjit lost to Sara, rhetorically asks her how many people has she killed that may well have been somebody's family or friends.
Crowning Moment Of Funny: The first sight of the army laying siege to Seven Dwarfs' mine? Them singing Where There's A Whip There's A Way, indicating how miserable they are. Everyone is weirded out and Saoirse delivers this line:
-"Don't ask me how, but something about this country just compels people to spontaneously burst into song and dance and get all touchy-feely."
-Taran breaking the siege in question, but getting the entire army to unionize and go on strike!
-This narration. "What, the possibility Saoirse would have to use her master-of-disguise skills to pass as a Disney Princess? Possibly as some of my personal favorites somewhere down the line, heroines I loved as a kid? Like Belle and Cinderella? Maybe No! Perish the thought." It is recommended that you have the voice of Rarity while reading it.
-After being captured, Brad and Kahjit awake and in Grimhilde's dungeon, naked. And Saoirse still has her clothes.
-Saoirse wakes up thanks to a kiss of love from Sara, and Rose is about tell her why until she's hit with Death Glare from Sara, so she lies and says it was cure they stole. Sara goes into full Tsundere the rest of the scene, which only serves to make the lie all the more obvious.
-Rose and
Bradamante can't fit through the wall in the city wall the rest of the party used to sneak in. Saoirse's solution? Use a Paper Thing Disguise to impersonate the superior officer to the guards, pretend that Zhi is her goodchild and have her cry up a storm by cutting onions near her face while saying she lost her cat outside the walls. Khajit and Sara both find the idea to be beyond idiotic, and are shocked to find it actually worked.
-Scorpius' Establishing Character Moment. Taran wakes him up, and the mercenary complains why he had to wake him up so early. Taran responds that it's three in the afternoon, which Scorpius responds is early.
Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming: Sara's feelings for Sariose when their backstory is revealed.
-Rose saving Sara from a knife attack by Kahjit, and follows up by going into speech about how Sara is clearly different from the rest of the Unkindess given that she could have betrayed them at any point, and she states outright she's her friend.
Cry For The Devil: Grimehild has one sympathetic trait when it turns out she regrets her vanity is driving her to try and kill her own daughter. It's not enough to redeem her, but enough to not make her a Complete Monster.
Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Rose dealt the final blow to the ancient spirit of the mirror.
- Almost literal example, Zhi punches Nott, one of Maleficent's Super Soldiers, with a ki-infused fist so hard it disintegrated half her nigh-invulnerable suit of armor.
Drop The Hammer: Nott wields a big one.
Easily Forgiven: After Saragnyn is revealed to have formerly been one of the Unkindness, some of the party do forgive her, with the justification that she had been with them this whole time. Others don't and not without good reason.
Epic Fail: Saoirse's "dramatic dropkick rescue." 'Nuff said.
Foil: The two main villains of the arc. Grimhilde is a Non Action Big Bad only out for herself and a Dirty Coward. Nott welcomes a fight and does actually value loyalty given her anger over Sara's betrayal.
Gone Horribly Right: Sariose's disguises herself as Snow White to draw attention away from the real one, which leads to Grimhilde mistaking her for the real thing and tricking her with a poisoned apple in her hag disguise.
Greater Scope Villain: Maleficent. Grimhilde's land is part of her empire and one of her Elite Mooks serves as the biggest threat, but doesn't appear at any point.
If I Wanted You Dead: Pointed by Rose with regards to Sara. She has had plenty of chances to betray the party so if she were going to do so, she would have.
Everyone Has Standards: Even Scorpius and Kahjit are disgusted when they hear from the dwarfs that Prince Charming ran from helping Snow White.
Green Eye Monster: Grimhilde is extremely vain and will kill any girls she sees as rivals to her beauty. Being stuck ruling part of Maleficent's empire, having to revere her as the World's Most Beautiful Woman and having no power against the other nobility of The Empire has made her attitude even worse.
Hidden Agenda Villain: Behind the scenes, Scorpius discovers mention of a mysterious "Mr. Dark..."
Hypocritical Humor: Khajit reprimands Bradamante for not being bothered by killing enemies with her lance or trampling them with her horse, but she drawing the line at touching another woman's body, after refusing to do so herself.
Iron Butt Monkey: Bradamante falls off bridge, gets knocked around by the dwarfs traps, has to bust out of prison in her underwear, and Nott whups her ass with a nat20.
Jekyll & Hyde: Grimhilde and the Hag
Knight Of Cerebus: Grimhilde. It's stated outright that Snow White is not even the first victim of her jealously, she's killed other girls she sees as competition for being the fairest before. All humor stopped whenever she appeared and she put Saroise into a coma with a coma with her poisoned apple.
-Nott. Unlike Grimhilde, she is easily a threat physically and the strongest enemy in the early campaign. Even though she fails to kill the heroes, she drops a revelation that divides them afterwords.
Luke I Am Your Father: The Huntsman is revealed to be Snow White's father after Rose killed him.
Mood Whiplash: We have badass Lock And Load Montage where the party prepares to rescue Saoirse, Bradamante and Khajit. It's followed by Bradamante and Khajit arguing over which of them has to find the tools Saoirse left on her person because neither of them wants to feel around an unconscious body.
My God What Have I Done: The Reveal that the Huntsman was Snow White's father devastates the party, especially Rose since she was the one who killed him.
Mythology Gag: The story begins with its version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as it was the very first Disney movie.
-The title "Mirror Mirror" is a reference to a line from the original Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs's famous line "Mirror mirror on the wall."
Nightmare Fuel: Grimhilde. Her transformation into the Hag is given vague details, but it only makes it all the worse.
Nice Job Breaking It Hero: Rose in the fight with the Huntsman kills him, an innocent Punch The Clock Villain Forced Into Evil.
-Rose breaking the Magic Mirror deprived the resistance of a useful all knowing magic item.
-Scorpius blowing up Grimhilde's alchemist lab destroyed any early chance of snapping Snow White back to normal, forcing the party to take her with them on a long journey before she can be saved.
-The combination of killing the Huntsman and hastily blowing up Grimhilde' lab without searching it left the means for "Mr. Dark" to revive the Huntsman as a werewolf.
Offscreen Moment of Awesome: The seven dwarfs held off an entire army through ingenuity and pluck alone. For two weeks.
Oh Crap: The party's reaction to Nótt, Mailed Fist of the Empire? Sheer, sinking, severe dread.
The Omniscient: The Magic Mirror. Not only can it provide Grimhilde with any information she wants, it knows everything about the party.
Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: "How would it feel to be dangled out a window by a rope tied around your sagging tits, motherfucker?"
Punch The Clock Villain: Grimhilde's army. Most if not all of them are implied to be normal people who just working under a superior they don't like.
Put On A Bus: Kahjit, see below for reasons.
Real Life Writes the Plot: Kahjit leaves the due to her grudge with Sara, since her player was busy and was going to need a reason for her to be written out of the campaign. Hence the reveal with Nott, and her backstory that gives her a reason to leave.
-Taran and Scorpius don't appear with the rest of the party outside a cameo in the first session because neither of their players could make it.
-Taran is absent for the trek through dungeon mines because his player was busy again, hence why he leaves to make the orc army unionize.
Reality Ensues: Saorise's impersonating the city guards' sergeant draws attention from the real one when they started asking questions about a nonexistent godchild.
- Bradamante and Kahjit walking around in their underwear in Grimehilde's castle while forcing a guard to help them and get stopped by other guards. They see the nude girls and, offer them assistance. Because there is no reason to assume that enemy Mooks will be an Always Chaotic Evil punch of rapists.
The Reveal: Saragnyn used to be one of the Unkindness. Most of the party is not pleased to hear this.
-The Huntsman is Snow White's father.
Revenge Before Reason: Kahjit wants to kill Sara after learning she was one of the Unkindness. She lost many people she cared about because of her, and learning that she's made Heel-Face Turn isn't enough to sway her. When she can't have her revenge, she leaves the party.
Samus Is A Girl: Nott. Initially only her armor is seen her gender is unknown, and after her helmet is knocked off she surprises everyone by being a woman.
Shout Out: At the beginning of the story, Saoirse is singing "a traditional walking song" that is very clearly "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".
- Taran is introduced in the story reciting the poem of Tom Bombadil.
- Zhi likes to punctuate her attacks with "ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!"
- "Let's. Get. Dangerous."
Shut Up Hannibal: Taran in response to the Magic Mirror's Breaking Speech, doing so by talking in rhyme like it is and insulting it!
Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sara's player hadn't been using all her abilities because he felt it made showing them all against Nott more dramatic, and not because he Forgot About His Powers.
Starter Villain: Grimhilde, lampshaded by the narrations noting that she's just a small time noble under Maleficent and has no hope ever reaching higher.
Suspiciously Specific Denial: Sara's player didn't use her full range of abilities because he wanted to build for an emotional confrontation with Nott, and not because he kept forgetting about them.
Tear Jerker: After killing the Huntsman, the party notices a locket in his position with Snow White's initials on the outside. On the inside is a picture of her on the inside and the words "For Her." A knowledge check from Taran causes everyone to realize he was Snow White's father, and that Rose, in her rage, killed the father of the person they were trying to save.
- Kahjit leaving the party. Everyone tries to convince her to stay, but working with Sara after learning her past as one of the Unkindness is too much for.
-The fact that after everything the party went through, they still weren't able to save Snow White from the coma she was in.
Violation Of Common Sense: Saroise sees Grimhilde in her hag form with an apple. The audience knows what is up, but as the character fails the roll to pick up on the motive, so she has to eat her poisoned apple.
What Could Have Been: Originally the plan for the Magic Mirror was for the heroes to take it intact and use it to gather information, becoming a convenient plot device that would easily lead into other quests. Rose's player smashing it forced the DM to come up with different lead ins for the various quests.
Wham Line: From Taran regarding the party's destination after being asked where they are taking Snow White.
-"You might have heard it; far up north, a little place called Arendelle, ruled by a fair if icy queen..."
What The Hell, Hero?: Scorpius's initial reason for leaving the party? Chewing out the party for looting the Huntsman's body
What Measure is a Non-Mook?: Noted both in-narration and in-game, with both player and character eventually feeling guilt for any underpaid Mook they kill off on the way to achieve their goals. This does, at least, lead to a moment where Bradamante and Khajit spare the lives of clueless dopes who clearly meant no harm to anyone, even if they did work for the enemy.

The Lord of Beasts

And I Must Scream: The Huntsman after being revived as a werewolf begs quickly begs for death until "Mr. Dark" tells him about a chance to see his daughter again.
And There Was Much Rejoicing: Apparently none of Grimhilde's servants attended her funeral because they were too busy celebrating that she was dead.
Back From the Dead: The Huntsman, and then he became a werewolf.
Blatant Lies: The mook Corden claims none of the guards attended Grimhilde's funeral because they were too busy with their duties, and not because they were celebrated her death.
Came Back Wrong/Came Back Strong: The Huntsman. As a ten foot tall werewolf, he's definitely strong, but as a barely sentient werewolf, he'd rather be dead.
Composite Character: The Huntsman is the Big Bad Wolf.
Historical Villain Upgrade: Prince John, naturally.
Tropifying Disney D20
Tropes done for :icongamemasterfel: dream project dream Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Go read the recap if you haven't already so I don't spoil everything for you. If you have read it, feel free to note more tropes.
Also thanks to fel for helping with the Five Man Band Tropes.

I actually have a lot nostalgia for the first two Age of Empires games and given that this one looks like it plans to cover the eras of all three games, I'm curious as to what the gameplay will look like and incorporate so many different eras in the tech levels the series is known for.

I actually have a lot nostalgia for the first two Age of Empires games and given that this one looks like it plans to cover the eras of all three games, I'm curious as to what the gameplay will look like and incorporate so many different eras in the tech levels the series is known for.



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