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Which is a pity because I could really use one for this guy.
No Michael Bay jokes please.
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Fighter McWarrior
Age: Not given
Weight: Much heavier than the rest of the cast judging by his muscle mass

-Was considered by his teacher to be his best student despite his laziness (but was nonetheless expelled for not answering an odd question)
-Routinely survives attempts by Black Mage Evilwizardington to kill him
-Was wining his fight with the dark elf Drizz'l whom despite his ego admitted Fighter was his equal
-Killed a giant single handedly
-Invented an successfully Sword Chucks, nun chucks with the sticks replaced with swords, successfully despite everyone else justifiably considering them a horrible idea
-Fought the Fire Fiend Kary on
-Killed the Ordeal of Sloth in seconds
-The only known champion of Drownball (a game where the goal is to drown in water) in the sport's history due to him being the only person survive a game, despite the goal being to drown
-Killed dozens of dragons in the Temple of Fiends, possibly by accident
-His existence ensures that Black Mage never escapes punishment for his many sins

Strength: Inconsistent and limit never defined, but always made to be the strongest of the Light Warriors
-Impaled a Holstein Friesian Dairy cow a fence post and used it as a club (average adult cow of these breed weighs 1300 pounds)
-Carried the Armoire of Invincibility for a prolonged period, though the weight eventually proved too much for him, though he was lifting with his by putting unto his shoulder. Armoires weigh well over two hundred on average, larger ones weigh over four hundred
-Can run very despite his armor, which weighs so much he sinks like a stone
-Carrying Black Mage doesn't slow him down
-Tossed a sword with enough force for it to fly through a giant without it loosing momentum
-Repelled impacts from the giant fiend
Jnn'efur flying through the Sea Shrine by using Black Mage's body as an Arkanoid pattle

-Most defining physical trait (Black Mage complains he never dies)
-Was beaten up by a giant and then caught in explosion from Black Mage's Hadoken which and was fine afterwords
-Routinely stabbed in the head by Black Mage and shrugs it off (Black Mage has shown to be able to hack lesser people into pieces with when he uses his knifes)
-Notes that Black Mage frequently uses the Hadoken on him and never does any real damage
-Survived a explosion attack from Kary, which instantly killed any of the minion she used it on
-Has been thrown into the water sunk like  stone thanks to his armor and doesn't die from it

-Less notable
-Outran a giant while carrying Black Mage until he stopped
-Has kept up with his team mate/boss Thief when the group runs scarred whom has run so fast other people can barely notice him

Fighting Skills
Master Swordsman:
-Mastered several sword styles in his time at Fighter Camp
Known attacks:

Two Fisted Monkey Style Attack:
-Runs around and preforms a number of odd back flips around a group of enemies so quickly they can barely react. Used to defeat a number of monsters so quickly they barely had time to realize he hacked them to pieces

Ram Style
-Fighter is the only know user. Style is described by Black Mage as "breaking your opponent's equipment with your head before your opponent breaks your head with his equipment." Needless to say masters of this style have been rare throughout history
-Fighter using caused a loud audible noise the Black Mage recognized as the Ram Style
-Implied that Fighter heavily damaged a cavern wall with it (he thought the cave was infested with rock giants)

Tiger Style Sword Technique
-Unknown what this involves as Fighter was hit on the head by a giant before he could use it
-A variant of the Fighterdoken (which just consists of Black Mage throwing Fighter at an enemy) where Fighter throws himself at the enemy
-Failed to hit anything with it, likely why never used it again, though in a possible future he taught it to his students

The Glorious Chainsaw Method
-Suggested by Red Mage to get Fighter to "Make your swords become like things unto chainsaws." Whatever he did led to the dragon he tried to show it to explode, according to Fighter at least.

Class Change
-Fighter's was promoted from a Fighter to a Knight
-Can swing swords quickly enough to create sonic booms
-Can block, anything from himself or others, having blocked conventional attacks, Black Mage's ultimate power which was the one thing that could kill the all powerful sage Sarda (Black Mage himself admitted they were at a stand still and neither could win) and even the damage from when the Light Warriors were plummeting towards the ground by blocking, the ground.

Episode 1170: Happy Landings

Intelligence: Despite mostly appearing to be an idiot who is barely in touch with reality, has moments of intelligence, or as Black Mage calls them, his "patented piecing insights." His moments of intelligence have led to an interpretation that he's only pretending to be dumb, which he himself as supported.
-Easily read a set of ancient mystical runes written in a language called Overcomplication that Black Mage couldn't understand. Claims this was the result of him being an Overcomplication minor in college (Black Mage claims he never went to college). According to him the language consists of 397 consents, 4 vowels and is written backwards except for every 3rd word
-Understanding of rules of a good joke
-Surprisingly good grasp of math and physics
(when Thief tried to deny that dragons existed except for specific circumstances, Fighter related it to "how quantum mechanics describes how subatomic particles can sometimes spontaneously pop into existence at random")
-Pointed out that Black Mage thinking not wearing a seat belt in a falling death trap wouldn't make him any safer due to the velocity he'd be ejected at
Episode 318: Buckle Up, It’s The Law
-Read the Six Hundred Twelve dimension data sphere  which forces a person to look at data so complete that the if it was transmitted byte by byte as a laser it would encircle the universe three times. Looking at it causes a headache while reading it drives sane men insane and drives insane men sane or kills them. Black Mage goes comatose from it while Fighter is able to read it just fine and determine that it contains every possible plan for every possible device that can destroy every possible thing in existence.
-Pointed out to White Mage how much failed at being good causing her to turn evil, then pointed out to her how terrible she was at being evil causing her to change back.

Weaponized Stupidity
-Is so dumb his stupid can allow him to do the impossible.
-The "Glorious Chainsaw Method"
worked because he didn't realize was too stupid.
-Blocked the ground because he believe it wasn't the fall that didn't, it was the Earth.
-Being around him and listening to his stupid remarks can drive somebody insane.
-Lazy. While highly talented with his swords, doesn't hone his skills.
-Little known combat skills without his swords
-Capabilities, like the rest of the cast, are largely determined by what is funny at the moment (the Hadoken he's survived at worst only blow up a boat and at best caused the KT extinction even)
*Doesn't realize that Black Mage hates him and wants to kill despite having attacked him with a knife several times
*Doesn't realize his teammate Thief is a racist greedy elf bastard who loves to steal everything that isn't nailed down or one fire
*Killed an innocent giant that landed on Black Mage because he didn't realize the giant was good and he could asked him to just move
*Also pointed out all the reasons it was dumb to fight a giant and ignored what he was saying
*Thought driving a wooden stake through a vampire's heart meant hitting him with meat with wood in it and then setting said meat on fire
*Suggested use fire to kill a monster that was underwater
*Sold a bunch of valuable magical weapons for money to stay at an inn
*Grievously injured Black Mage many times without realizing it
*Won't lie to villains, and once screwed up an attempt to ambush a group of monsters by telling them about it

"Don't lie to the poor lady, RM. You know exactly who we are and we don't look innocent at all. All I'd trust those two jokers with is a stab in the back and then the throat . And you wear a mask. I look okay and seem honest, but as far as she knows, it's an elaborate act. A ruse that works so well my own friends could never suspect - never consider - the evil I inflict upon innocents wheresoever we go."
Fighter McWarrior Likes Swords In Death Battle
As a big 8-Bit Theater fan, it was a lot of fun to write this bio for the most crazy awesome thing to come out of the comic.
For :iconyellowflash1234icon:'s upcoming match between Fighter and Caboose from Red vs Blue.

Which is a pity because I could really use one for this guy.
No Michael Bay jokes please.


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